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Compacttilt™ adds more features and better operating economy to your machine. Compacttilt™ is the market's smallest and narrowest tilt for construction machines in class 0-10T.

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The Compacttilt™ Rotator adds new strengths and maximum efficiency to the excavator. Some of the selected key points for choosing the Compacttilt™ Rotator are:


Excellences in COMPACTTILT™

Size Icon Compacttilt

The market's most compact tilt

Weight Icon Compacttilt

Low weight

Compacttilt Tilt og Rotator

Select as needed

2x50 degrees icon Compacttilt

2x50º tilt degrees

No cylinders

Compacttilt Logo
Compacttilt Rotator - Verdens mindste tiltrotator
compacttilt logo - Verdens mindste tiltrotator

Get an insight into the company behind Compacttilt™

The team behind Compacttilt™ is 380ºInvent in Nørre Aaby, Denmark. The company has been around since 2004, while Compacttilt™ was created in 2013 – with the aim of creating the world’s smallest tilt for excavators. The owner of Compacttilt™, Daniel Duus, invented and patented a motor that helped eliminate cylinders on the tilt machines. In this way, Compacttilt™ became the world’s smallest tilt machine, which i.a. has given a better view to the undertaker, and has made it possible to tilt 2×50º.

In 2019, 380ºInvent revolutionized with the Compacttilt Rotator™, taking tiltrotators to a new level.

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