The man who bought the first Compacttilt talks about his experience.

   Article: 23-05-2023

The operator

Jens Bang Olsen

Works for: JBO Entreprenør

Self employed since: 2017

Where in the country: Jens is specialist in digging drains around, for example, townhouses in densely built-up areas such as Odense, where you have to be careful and look out for, among other things, the neighbour’s driveway etc.

Tasks: At JBO, they carry out tasks such as: Drainage, Concrete/decomposition, sewerage and construction.

The machine

Name: Hitachi

Model: Zaxis 19U

Extra Options: Compacttilt™ CTR2

• Central lubrication

• Extra light

Film Interview
Visit JBO Entrepreneur to hear his experience

In May 2023, Compacttilt visited JBO Entreprenør to hear the story about the first demand for Compacttilt.

Jens Bang Olsen is an independent contractor who provides types of contractor work such as: drainage, concrete/decomposition, sewerage and construction. Back in 2013, he was tired of having to change hoses manually every time he had to change a bucket. At the same time, there was not a tilt on the market without cylinders. This made tasks such as digging narrow cable trenches impossible for Jens.

Jens asked Daniel Duus (owner and inventor of Compacttilt) if he could invent a cylinder-free tilt. It became a CT6, which became the first tilt. Since then, Compacttilt has developed a whole series of tilts and tiltrotators.
Watch the film with Jens Bang Olsen and hear his experience of Compacttilt.

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