Mads from Bøgelunds Erhvervsservice replaces his Takeuchi TB225 with a TB230 with CTR3

   Article: 21-11-2022

The digger

Mads Bøgelund Petersen

Works here: Bøgelunds Erhvervsservice

Digger experience: 10-12 år

former occupation: Truck driver

Where in Denmark: Korsør and surroundings

The machine

Name: Takeuchi

Type: TB230

Extra options: Compacttilt™ CTR3

• Extra light package

• Mat

• Red light in the cabin

• Extra light for working at night

Dealer: CBC Bay Christensen A/S

Takeuchi TB230 in action

Would you like to see more pictures and video of Mads Bøgelund and his Takeuchi TB230 in action? Follow his Facebook profile: @bøgelundserhvervsservice

Work assignments

Cable trenching

When digging for cables, the Takeuchi TB230 with Compacttilt CTR3 is an eminent choice. With the narrow width of the CTR3, it becomes incredibly easy to dig narrow trenches for cables.

After Bøgelunds Erhvervsservice has upgraded from Takeuchi TB225 to Takeuchi TB230, Mads Bøgelund can dig about 65cm further down.

Other tasks

In addition to cable digging, Bøgelunds Erhvervsservice also carries out:

  • Digging culverts
  • Digging mains
  • Excavation at water break

CTR3 (Max 3Tons)

Installation height from: 305 mm

Width: 285 mm

Weight: 92 kg

Quick Coupler: S40

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