Casper Beck from CB Entreprenør buys a Hitachi Zaxis 26U with the first CTR3-3 from Compacttilt​

   Article: 17-02-2023

The contractor

Casper Hoeg Gregersen Beck

Works here: CB Entreprenør ApS

Contractor for: 7 years

Self-employed: 1½ years

Where in the country: The company is based in Gram in Denmark, but does work throughout the country.

Casper Beck's considerations on the purchase of a machine and tiltrotator

We catch Casper in a field in Brenderup, where he is digging geothermal energy for a collective. Casper has agreed to be interviewed, as he is the first person in Denmark to receive the new CTR3-3 from Compacttilt.

Casper has previously rented excavators with a Compacttilt Rotator, which had the large control system (HS2) in it. The HS2 comes with a display where you can set several profiles, so that each employee can operate the machine exactly as he or she wants. He would like to use that for his own excavator.

When Casper had to buy a new excavator, he chose a Hitachi Zaxis 26U. He is a supporter of Hitachi, but a new supporter of Compacttilt.

“I’m quite fond of the fact that the tiltrotator comes without pistons. It suits me well when I have to dig narrow trenches for, for example, ground heating.”

After using the machine for well over 2 months, we went on a visit to hear Casper’s experience with the CTR3-3. Watch it in the video below.

The Machine

Name: Hitachi

Type: Zaxis 26U

Extra option: Compacttilt™ CTR3-3

• HS2 (Large Control System)

• Central lubrication

Dealer: HP Entreprenørmaskiner A/S

Hitachi Zaxis 26U with CTR3-3 in action
Work assignments

Land - Facilities - Transport

Casper Beck does most of the work within the contractor world – but the primary one is digging trenches for, for example, district heating, cables or geothermal heating.

Contact Casper Beck

If you need excavation or demolition? Then you can contact CB Entreprenør at:

Phone: +45 25 59 29 26


CTR3-3 (Max 3Tons)

Installation height from:  335 mm

Width: 280 mm

Weight: 102 kg

Quick Coupler: S40

Hydraulic system: HS2, HS4, HS8

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