Rotation sensor

Can be purchased as an add-on for all excavators in the weight class 0-10 tonnes

Compacttilt™ offers a rotation sensor for all excavators in the weight class 0-10 tonnes. All Compacttilt Rotator products are prepared for machine control. Contact your nearest machine dealer and request a price for installing a rotation sensor for your Compacttilt Tiltrotator.

Achieve more with rotation sensor and machine control

Compacttilt Rotation Sensor is Compacttilt’s solution for connecting the communication between the tiltrotator and the machine control system. With the Compacttilt Rotation Sensor, your machine can be connected to the leading machine control brands (for example iDig, Unicontrol, Moba, Topcon, Leica etc.). As a customer, you choose which machine control system suits you best. Then install the purchased rotation sensor on the chosen tiltrotator (works for all Compacttilt Rotator™). It is then wired into the cabin and into a cabin module that is docked together with the machine control system. With this system, it becomes easier for the machine operator to:

  • Dig correctly.
  • Make work more efficient.
  • Save time.
  • Save materials.

The Compacttilt rotation sensor can be integrated with the market's leading machine solutions



Machine control can thus be selected for Compacttilt’s tiltrotator for all excavators from 1T diggers up to 10T

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