A lot of configuration options as well as ergonomics and comfort

Compacttilt™ Joysticks are offered as an option for the Tiltrotator series. Compacttilt’s joysticks are created with consideration for the most optimal

driving experience – and developed in collaboration with machine operators.

Compacttilt™ Joysticks contain good surface quality, where the handles achieve a comfortable grip.

With Joystick, the machine achieves more functions in the control and the possibility to create user profiles. This allows you to set up the functions of the joystick according to the task or per user.

In this way, the Compacttilt™ Joysticks also fall naturally into your hands.

Why add

Multifunctional with room for rollers, buttons and toggles, located on both the front and back, enables control and makes work more efficient.

Easy to mount and fits the joystick bases on the market – Provides a wide range of use options for the handle.

Adaptable to large variety and configuration possibilities of scroll, button and toggle functions.

Ergonomically designed – Reduces the risk of wear and tear damage to the hand.

Textured surface in rubber – Makes the handle easy to grip.

Possibility of optional hand support.


0 – Wheel steering, 1 – Belt steering, 2 – Support legs/Dozer blade,
3 – Boom swing, 4 – Folding boom, 5 – Extra outlet on arm.

0 – *High Flow, 1 – AutoControl, 2 – Pressure change between 2 Rollers,
3 – Horn, 4 – Wiper, 5 – Walkie, 6 – Mute, 7 – Wheel steering

COMPACTTILT™ HS2 Control System
that makes your excavator more efficient

Compacttilt™ HS2 Control System strengthens the integration in the machine’s control, and achieves optimal control of the tiltrotator. The HS2 operates independently of brands, which means it can be fitted to all excavators.

Awards for the option of a large operating system
What you get with a HS2 Control System
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