Arkil A/S share their experiences about CTR10 after 2.500 hours

   Article: 04-05-2023

The foreman

Herman Schou Roloff

Works for: Arkil A/S

Foreman at Arkil A/S since: 2017

Where in the country: Herman is foreman and ensures quality on the machines around Jutland in Denmark.

Tasks: Herman’s task is to coordinate tasks and ensure that there are machines for tasks and much more. Watch the video and get an insight into Herman Schou’s work tasks.

The contractor

Mathias Vestergaard

Works for: Arkil A/S

Contractor at Arkil A/S since: 2020

Where in the country: Whole Jutland

Tasks:At the moment, the tasks are primarily to dig in district heating.

The machine

Name: Volvo

Model: ECR88D

Extra Options: Compacttilt™ CTR10

• Central lubrication

• Extra light

Film Interview
Visit Arkil A/S to hear their experience

On Wednesday May 3rd, 2023, Compacttilt visited Herman Schou Roloff, the workshop manager for Arkil A/S, who was in the process of installing district heating in Galten. Arkil A/S was the first company to purchase a CTR10 from Compacttilt, and over 2,500 working hours later, the machine is still running. Therefore, Compacttilt visited to hear what they have used the machine for and how they have maintained the CTR10.


Arkil A/S is one of the leading contractor companies in Denmark and has many years of experience using various machines to perform their work. According to Herman Schou Roloff, the CTR10 has been one of the most reliable and versatile machines they have had in their fleet. He stated that they have primarily used the CTR10 for excavation work and for moving materials around on construction sites.

How the CTR10 has worked for Arkil A/S

The CTR10 is a tiltrotator designed to work in tight construction sites and areas with limited space. The machine is easy to operate and can be adapted to many different tasks. Herman Schou Roloff stated that they have used the CTR10 for digging trenches, laying pipes, and moving materials around on construction sites. He also noted that the machine is very stable and can work on uneven terrain without problems.

Compacttilt was also interested in hearing more about how Arkil A/S has maintained the CTR10 to ensure that the machine continues to function optimally. According to Herman Schou Roloff, they have had a regular maintenance plan for the CTR10, which includes regular oil changes, cleaning of filters, and adjustment of brakes and chain tensioners. He also said that they always ensure to store the machine indoors and protect it from the elements.

Overall, the visit from Compacttilt was a success, and it was clear to see that the CTR10 has been a reliable and versatile machine for Arkil A/S. With over 2,500 working hours and still going strong, it is evident that Compacttilt’s CTR10 is a machine built to last.

CTR10 (Max 10Tons)

Installation height from: 450 mm

Width: 390 mm w/o. claw – 490 mm w. claw

Weight: 280 kg w/o. claw – 320 kg w. claw

Quick Coupler: H45

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