Hans Ikjær drives CTR10 on Takeuchi TB295W​

   Article: 02-05-2023

The contractor

Mathias Vestergaard

Works for: Hans Ikjær Entreprenørforretning ApS

Contractor at HI since: 2019

Where in the country: The whole country, but primarily Jutland

Tasks: At the moment I am digging for district heating – otherwise we carry out tasks such as earth, concrete, sewers and building demolition

The machine

Name: Takeuchi

Model: TB295W

Extra Options: Compacttilt™ CTR10

• Machine Control

• Grip Claw

• Central lubrication

• Extra light

Dealer: Øbakke A/S

Film Interview
Why Takeuchi TB295W and CTR10

Takeuchi TB295W

Mathias Vestergaard from Hans Ikjær Entreprenørforretning ApS, chose to buy a wheel digger as they are experiencing an increasing demand for district heating tasks.

They chose a Takeuchi TB295W because it has a hydraulic system pressure of up to 350 bar, which provides increased power and speed in the performance of tasks.

Furthermore, the TB295W is a wheeled excavator that is designed to have good mobility on different types of terrain. The machine’s wheels can handle smooth surfaces, while its 4-wheel drive and differential lock make it suitable for driving on terrain with steep slopes.

The advantages of using Compacttilt for his Takeuchi TB295W

There are several benefits to using Compacttilt, including:

1. Increased productivity: Compacttilt allows you to perform more tasks in less time. With a tiltrotator, you can rotate your shovel 360 degrees and tilt it up to 45 degrees in either direction, so you can reach hard-to-reach areas and work more efficiently. At the same time, you can choose a grab claw on the CTR10, so that you have the option of moving, for example, district heating pipes.

2. Better precision: With Compacttilt you can achieve higher precision in your work. The tiltrotator allows you to rotate and tilt the bucket at precise angles, meaning you can do work with greater accuracy and less risk of error.

3. Less load on the machine: By using a tiltrotator such as Compacttilt, you can minimize the load on your machine. This means that you can carry out more demanding tasks without overloading your machine, thus extending its life.

4. Flexibility: Compacttilt can be used for a variety of tasks, including digging, leveling, cutting and pouring materials. This versatility allows you to use your wheel digger for multiple tasks, which can save you time and money.

5. Better security: Compacttilt can also improve safety in the workplace. With a tiltrotator you can perform tasks from a safer position and you can also avoid having to move the machine as often, reducing the risk of accidents.

Overall, the use of Compacttilt can increase productivity, improve precision and flexibility, reduce stress on the machine and improve workplace safety.

CTR10 (Max 10Tons)

Installation height from: 450 mm

Width: 390 mm w/o. claw – 490 mm w. claw

Weight: 280 kg w/o. claw – 320 kg w. claw

Quick Coupler: H45

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