Top notch Volvo EC20E with a Compacttilt™ CTR2

   Artikel: 01-11-2022

The operator

Svanhof Udlejning ApS

Full name: Stefan Svanhof

Company: Svanhof Udlejning ApS

Digger experience: 4 years

Where: Dianalund in Denmark and surroundings

The excavator

Brand: Volvo

Model: EC20E

Extra options: Compacttilt™ CTR2 (with HighFlow) – Extra lights – Central lubrication from smøremanden

Dealer: SG Maskiner

See Volvo EC20E in action
Work assignments

Excavation work

Stefan Svanhof performs work in, on and above the ground.
Everything from digging, concrete, demolition and construction work.


Svanhof ApS is responsible for the rental of excavators, mini loaders and garden machines etc. with and without driver.

CTR2 (Max 2 Tons)

Installation height: 260 mm

Width: 253 mm

Weight: 65 kg

Quick coupler: S30-150, S30-180, MH30

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